warm olives
Dips & Pieces

Warm Olives

23 Dec 14 by

Warming olives seems to bring out the meatiness of them, making their flesh more tender and succulent and their flavour more intense. A moreish addition to any platter.

Roasted Grapes
Jams, Chutneys & Sauces

Roasted Grapes

23 Dec 14 by

These little bursts of flavour are great to accompany roasts, mix through salads and grain dishes, serve with a cheese board and can be served pureed too.

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Date & Yogurt Cake

25 Nov 14 by

Dates, tick. Yogurt, tick. Cake, tick. Clearly this recipe is ticking all the right boxes. Sticky with big chunks of caramelised dates, crunchy pieces of walnuts sandwiched in a soft sponge, this Date & Yogurt Cake is the perfect number for any time of the day.

Recipes Salads & Vegetables

Autumnal Salad

24 Nov 14 by

My favourite thing about the change of seasons is the diversity in produce. This Autumnal Salad makes the most of beautiful deep colours and flavours we get when the leaves begin to fall and the sun never seems to wake up.

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Chestnut Galette with Smoked Mackerel, Sprouts & Lime Creme Fraiche

23 Nov 14 by

The flavours of this Chestnut Galette with Smoked Mackerel, Sprouts & Lime Creme Fraiche gives a nod to the beautiful simplicity of nordic cuisine. The flavours of the smoked fish, zest creme and earthiness of the chestnut bread make this a breakfast that would satisfy the hungriest of vikings or works perfectly as an appetiser with a glass of something bubbly.

Glutenfree dairyfree banana and cocoa nib loaf
Baked & Sweets

Banana and Cocoa Nib Loaf

23 Nov 14 by

This cake/ loaf is fudgey and not too sweet so could easily pass as a breakfast food. As a bonus, it’s gluten-free, vegan and sugar free.