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Sweet Meat – Meat in desserts

16 Oct 14 by

Photographer Jasmin Schuller dreamed up this lovely little photography series called ‘Sweet Meat’ which got us thinking…although a generous scoop of mince meat atop an crispy waffle one seems wrong at first, there are many right things about it

Vegetable Samosa by Kai Nodland
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Vegetable Samosa, artwork by Kai Nodland

14 Oct 14 by

Samosa are one of those foods that your guests will rarely say no to when passed around on platter. If you’re not up for making the pastry you can use ready made puff pastry or spring roll pastry instead.

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Squid Tentacle Burger with Squid Ink Buns

8 Oct 14 by

Just when you thought a burger couldn’t get any better, it just did. Insert crispy battered squid tentacles, crisp ice-burg lettuce, smokey mayonnaise, a hint of coriander all sandwiched between a light and fluffy charcoal bread roll.. yes thats right, you’ve been transported to burger heaven.

Prawn Wontons by Adel Cox
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Prawn Wonton Soup, artwork by Adel Cox

7 Oct 14 by

This broth is cleansing and nourishing. The handmade wontons will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and this skill is transferable — you can craft parcels different cuisines and with many different fillings.

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Almond, lemon & ricotta cake

1 Oct 14 by

It’s no secret here at Bookery Cook that we love a citrus based dessert and this recipe for Almond, lemon & ricotta cake is one of my favourites.

Chocolate Pear Cake
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Al Di La’s Chocolate Pear Cake

26 Sep 14 by

After dining on the Carpaccio, Spaghetti Vongole and a LOT of prosecco at Al Di La, I tracked down the Brooklyn Cookbook, so I could recreate and relive the Spaghetti Vongole back in Australia. This Chocolate and Pear Cake recipe is also in the book, and has also become a favourite – the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, crumby and soft. It works with different fruit, depending on the season, and flours.

braised octopus
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Spring Afternoon BBQ

20 Sep 14 by

This is a Puglian dish from Southern Italy, where the octopus is braised in white wine and tomatoes, then barbecued. Full of flavours of the Mediterranean – olive oil, capers, lemon and seafood.