Cooking with Blood

30 Oct 14 by

As morbid as it sounds, drinking and cooking with blood is as old as mankind itself. It started as a matter of frugality and self-preservation — not wasting any part of a “kill.” It eventually evolved into a symbolic and religious gesture. Warriors believed drinking their enemies’ blood would give them their strength and power.

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Nettle and Ricotta Gnudi with Apples, Burnt Butter, Sage and Walnut Sauce

25 Oct 14 by

Cooking with weeds. After picking up some nettles at the market recently I spent the weekend cooking them up in some new dishes. Gnudi is a favourite – little ‘nude’ ravioli, as it butter sauce. With a nuttier, richer taste than spinach, nettles really hold their own on a plate. The rich burnt butter sauce adds some creaminess to the light ricotta rounds.

black sesame cake
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Black Sesame Cake

25 Oct 14 by

This (#glutenfree) cake noir has a sandy but moist texture, with a subtly nutty aromatic from the tahini and honey.

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Citrus Zest & Nigella Seed Marinated Red Snapper

21 Oct 14 by

There’s not a more comforting dish to me (other than Mum’s minestrone) than fish and white rice. If ever I’m feeling a bit fragile, sick or upset, fish and rice is my go to dish, whether its tinned tuna, salmon or smoked mackerel. This recipe for Citrus Zest & Nigella Seed Marinated Red Snapper is the ultimate in the fish & rice combination. Perfect for a midweek dinner or any time you need a little pick me up.

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Sweet Meat – Meat in desserts

16 Oct 14 by

Photographer Jasmin Schuller dreamed up this lovely little photography series called ‘Sweet Meat’ which got us thinking…although a generous scoop of mince meat atop an crispy waffle one seems wrong at first, there are many right things about it