Petal to the Metal: Edible Flowers

1 Jul 13 by

New York is called the Big Apple for a good reason – the apple is the only local fruit available at the farmers’ market for about four months. As Summer Solstice approaches we reflect on the bounty of Spring and how happy we are to be far out of the incredibly long Winter New York experienced.


O! Canada My Hearts Skips A Beat

11 Oct 12 by

With the return of my winter coats, opaque stockings and woolen socks, my craving returns for hot, home cooked, comfort food.  And there’s no food in the world that satisfies the ‘wanting to eat a cuddle’ craving more than Poutine.


Fat Beets In San Francisco

27 Aug 12 by

The West Coast is New York’s bizarro world. My recent visit to California saw curious creatures and strange habits so wonderful that left me questioning which reality I preferred.


Charlie & The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory

8 May 12 by

If ‘chocolate factory’ conjures up images of Wonka’s waterfall then you aren’t far off the truth – the pouring and whirling of chocolate is a key part of the process. I discovered this recently, when I was lucky to visit the Mast Brothers testing room and factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.