Palate to debut at Brooklyn Food Book Fair

10 Apr 15 by

We are excited to be in New York for the Brooklyn Food Book Fair to launch our new quarterly publication PALATE.

Palate features 13 recipes coupled with illustrations by artists from around the world. The artworks vary from figurative watercolours to abstract digital collages, providing a unique sense of the dishes and insight into the imagination of the artists.

Art & Design Features

Champagne Chairs

16 Feb 15 by

Ever wondered what to do with all your champagne corks? The minds behind design website ‘Design within Reach’ hold an annual ‘Champagne Chair Contest’. The guidelines to enter, create a miniature chair using only the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles. Easy.


5 Aphordisiacs that aren’t oysters

12 Feb 15 by

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, (FDA), there is no such thing as an aphrodisiac. But ancient wisdom tells a different story. Throughout history, various foods have been held in the highest regards as aphrodisiacs. Some are suggestive in shape, many have arousing aromas or a sensual mouthfeel.


5 Places to Eat in East London Now

23 Jan 15 by

East London is the new food mecca of London. It seems as though every warehouse or abandoned space has a ramen joint or a cocktail bar popping up in it, but being residents of the East, we are ok with that… it means endless food options on our doorstep.


Which Wines When by Jameson Fink

17 Dec 14 by

It’s the holiday–and holiday party–season. Hooray! Perhaps your thoughts turn to wine. As in, “What wine do I bring?” Does deciding on a bottle fill you with dread and anxiety? Jameson Fink provides you with some insight on wine for every party occasion.


Cooking with Blood

30 Oct 14 by

As morbid as it sounds, drinking and cooking with blood is as old as mankind itself. It started as a matter of frugality and self-preservation — not wasting any part of a “kill.” It eventually evolved into a symbolic and religious gesture. Warriors believed drinking their enemies’ blood would give them their strength and power.