Flood Food / Food Flood

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delicious burgers courtesy of Sammy’s Girl Seafood

sandwiches thanks to The Kevin Rudd Foundation

beer & mud = match made in heaven

scrubbing day is my favourite day

domino's arriving for round 3 of food for the day

the beer and pizza monster was also sighted at the clean up

enjoying the fruits of his labour

captain cleanliness

giant man pulls giant mud plug from concrete!

coffee, tea or me?

rubble city and team clean

Hug machine pauline

mud queen

Flood Food / Food Flood

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In January this year Brisbane was hit with one of the worst floods it has ever experienced. Although team Bookery + friends + family were extremely lucky to escape major trauma, there were many people throughout Queensland who were not, and our hearts and thoughts go out to them.

The warehouse that is home to (Bookery Cook’s) Georgie’s design company TroopHolloway Eyewear and Blackstar Coffee did fill with water (see below). They were able to evacuate valuables but will have to rebuild all the internal structures.. offices, kitchen, bathroom. So a large team of us were based in West End for the weekend clean-up mission of the warehous and surrounding businesses.

The community spirit was amazing, car loads of volunteers turning up, kids riding buckets clutching mops, ladies bringing fresh baked treats and bottles of ice cold beverages everywhere you looked. If it weren’t for the humming of gurnies, mud covered drill bits and the odd floating car, you would have though it were some sort of food festival. The Bookery Cook would like to thanks all of the volunteers from around QLD who came to help with the clean up and also give a big thanks to the following companies who flooded us with food!

Domino’s pizza: Thanks for the pizza deliveries!
The Kevin Rudd foundation: for the gloves, bottles of bleach, suncream, water and sandwiches
Sammy’s Girl Seafood: For some of the most delicious hamburgers we’ve ever eaten! Clint Coker: For the gernie, generator, gloves, beers, hats and man power

Here’s a photo diary of the day and its eats.

A BIG THANKS!! You helped to keep our energy levels, water intake, food consumption and spirits high.