Day Two NYC

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meatballs and squid ink!?

octopus and chocolate?!

Day Two NYC

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Today was absolutely beautiful in New York- sunny and 12 degrees- perfect weather for adventuring!

After faffing around the apartment and figuring out how to use the filter coffee machine, it was 11am so we headed out for breakfast. Being on the go and quite cold, we stopped into a little cafe just a block down from where we are staying called FAYET, which serves delicious organic locally made muesli bars and house made sandwiches, soups and wraps. Fighting a cold, we both opted for chicken noodle soup and a coffee (black no cream no sugar thanks). The soup was delicious! Filled with so much chicken and vegetable in a nice warm broth, just the way I like it. The coffee was, well, filter coffee!

Filled with a lot of warm liquid we set off on a mission to find a lens for my camera and have a general walk around. Favourite places so far is definitely LES (lower east side) which seemed to have a cool looking bar or store on every corner. A few of note, which I plan to visit soon are:
The Flea Market Cafe. Enough said really… mind kind of place!
Olivia. looks very tasty.
Immigrant: having just relocated to NYC I think I’d feel quite comfortable here!

After walking around for about 6 hours we needed to rest and feet and have a wine, or 3. So we popped into N. 33 Crosby St. The place instantly oozes cool, but not in an over the top trendy way!

Lozzie opted for the winter house special of warm pear cider (said no to the shot of spiced rum in it, I would have said 2 please!) and I opted for a big deep glass of red wine- which came served in a tumbler. The place was really lovely, great vibe and a super friendly bar man, who was Australian but had lived in NYC for 10 years.

We didn’t have any tapas but I will definitely be going back. There were a few things on the menu I’m very intrigued to get in my mouth!

Today is 1degrees and raining so not sure how far I’ll venture out, I’m thinking cosy cafe then transition to a cosy bar.

Im off to tackle the filter coffee machine again- we decided that if we put 3 x filter sachets in the machine maybe we’ll get a half decent strength coffee… will keep you posted on the success of this!