Food trend predictions for 2015

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Food trend predictions for 2015

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2013 was hot dogs, sriracha, sliders, cupcakes, wagyu beef, sous vide, foams, macarons, 70s food (prawn cocktails, devilled eggs), taxidermy-adorned walls, raw food, bacon, celebrity chefs.

2014 saw pulled pork, green juices, superfoods stars like chia and quinoa, American-style diners (fried chicken, lobster rolls, mac n cheese), umami flavour, ancient grains (except if you’re paleo), nut milks, salted caramel, everything in mason jars, Asian fusions fast food (ramen burgers, kimchi hot dogs), bánh mì, uni, foraging, whipped dairy (goats cheese, ricotta, butter), gin, small-batch breweries, share plates, sourdough, Thermomixes, hierloom vegetables, savoury-sweet desserts, coconut oil, sea vegetables (pref foraged).

Here’s a selection of things we can expect to find on menus and getting attention in the year ahead…

From Monocle’s The Menu

– Simplification – focus on processes rather than fancy ingredients (eg. kimchi over uni – not extravagant but relies on time)

– Delivery-based takeaway for high end restaurants – David Chang has apparently backed one in NYC

– Focus on older generations (over 60) interesting demographic for restaurants. The focus currently is on younger generation, but older are living longer and have more DI.

– Fermentation (accelerated by new nordics and their fermentation, and miso in japan ) – more diversity, use a a staple tool and foundation for experimentation, rather than for just a handful of applications.

– Food futures debate gets big, with Silicon Valley behind it – vegetable-based meat, in vitro meats

– Alternate sources of protein ie. eating insects – eg. Bitty’s cricket flour

– Wine menus no longer offering only natural wines to the exclusion of other wines

– Crowd funded new food projects

– Water sommeliers

– The spread of buying and trading reservations (as happened in NYC)

– Online ballots for new shortlist spaces (eg. Fat Duck Melbourne)

– Coffee – cold-brew, single origin

– Big restaurant spaces – Novikov and Alan Yau’s (Wagamama creator) new establishments in Mayfair


Radio National’s First Bite

– Prix fixe menus

– Spread of pre-paid bookings – and the trading of these bookings

– Seasonality

– Bottling, pickling, fermenting, smoking, curing – old skills coming back

– Modern Indian

– Urban wineries

– Smoked everything – with pine needles and hay being used to infused

– Vegetable cakes (we’ve had carrot and beetroot, but look out now for parsnip and pumpkin)


Other general sources, of varying degrees of reputation

– Sour is the new umami

– Bone marrow broths are the new green juice

– Ramen goes crazy

– Peel to stem – the logical progression from nose to tail dining

– Hierloom wheat (sorry paleos)

– Matcha goes mainstream

– No more kale

– Seaweed

– New ancient grains (kaniwa, teff) are the new quinoa

– Ice cream sandwiches

– Cauliflower

– South African cuisine