Kitchen Invasion: RADelaide

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BJT and georgie

1, 2, 3.. INHALE

The Dream Team

best pot plant pot ever

kitchen artwork by BJT

jimmy at work on his table

byo table!

reconstructing the table

Jimmy's work

sushi rice slice checkerboard

bejeweled salad

table building is thirsty work!

feast ahoy!

Kitchen Invasion: RADelaide

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In November we flew to Adelaide to meet, greet and eat with two of Bookery Cook artists, Billie Justice Thomson andJimmy Dodd.

We instantly fell in love with the Adelaide Central Market… where you can buy anything and everything you stomach desires and for a bargain price! One of our bargains of the trip was a wheel of dried figs for $2 (Brisbane price would set you back at least $6).

One highlight was Ms Thomson… Billie the hostess with the mostess! She took us on a whirlwind pub crawl/dinner/dancing extravaganza which involved 2 x bottles of wine and 2 x shots of a electric blue liquid pre dinner, 1 x 6 pack of beer, 1 x bottle of champagne and dinner at one of Adelaide oldest (and best) restaurants Jerusalem… before we went out…

The next day team Bookery Cook invaded the house and the kitchen of Miss Billie Justice Thomson, an abode choked full of the most amazing collection of cooking and food paraphernalia we have ever come across… mini pizzas, giant spoon, sequinned pineapples! It was as though we had died and gone to food impersonation heaven!

Saturday was the day to cook a banquet and meet with the talented Jimmy Dodd to photograph this food on one of his picnic  tables. ..

In October, 2010 Jimmy took part in a group project commissioned by the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, which involved 47 artists and numerous sites across Adelaide. His contribution to the project was a series of picnic tables that have been altered and placed in both Victoria and Whitmore Squares (in Adelaide).

The table host images of significant Australian paintings from the Art Gallery of South Australia’s collection which have been carved into their tops, doubling a printing plates. For Jimmy, the project was an exploration of the values placed on cultural residues such as graffiti.

Read more about + see them here!

The picnic menu for the table included:
– Sushi slice
– Dips: Hummus; White bean & artichoke
– Caramelised onion focaccia
– Prosciutto-wrapped rockmelon
– Bejewelled rice salad; Puy lentil and feta salad

Jimmy arrived at about 5pm where we loaded up his van and headed to the beach…

We give Adelaide, Billie Justice Thomson, Jimmy Dodd and Hills Cider two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Jimmy Dodd is holding an exhibition of his work in Brisbane sometime with in the next fews months. Check his blog for more info. Billie has recently migrated to Melbourne, so check her website for updates!

Many thanks to all involved in this fun, delicious and creative weekend xxxxx