Never The Same (Bar Twice)

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Hudson River at Sunset

Lady Liberty

I love running beside the water, so calming

Never The Same (Bar Twice)

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Since I arrived in New York I haven’t eaten at the same place twice, you’d be crazy to because on every corner there is yet another cute looking place or dimly light bar. However, upon signing a lease for our DREAM apartment on Grand St in Tribeca, we celebrated by visiting not one, but two of our topped ranked eating establishments for the 2nd time.

Friday night we ventured to our all time fav- The Meatball Shop. We serves, as you can guess, meatballs. Meatballs that melt in your mouth. Meatballs that even after four golf ball sized ones, you are still dreaming of more. The special balls that evening was chorizo with tomato and almond sauce.. also known as THE WAY TO MY HEART. This was possibly one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever eaten. Last time we visited, I chose a side option of white beans and steamed greens and was SO FULL I could barely walk home (I blame the beans) so this time I opted for the apple and rocket salad and it was the perfect amount.

Post dinner and feeling satisfied and on top of the world, we thought we should check out one of the many bars we had written down when walking through our new neighbourhood. As we were celebrating the signing of the lease, we popped into ‘The Bubble Bar’… which is, you guessed it, a champagne bar. I had a champagne and elderflower cocktail which was the perfect balance of sweet and crisp. Can definitely see myself unwinding on a summers afternoon with a few of those under my belt! Then had a french 75, which was equally as delicious.

Saturday morning we ventured back to Bubby’s- also just around the corner from our new place, and with hot grapefruit toddy’s and complimentary scones with jam+cream , it was the perfect place to be on a rainy morning. We started the morning with one of their famous Bloody Mary’s and they were nothing short of being bloody good! As it was half 12 by the time we were seated at our table, I opted for a crispy salmon nicoise salad. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the salad was massive and filled with lots of delights; egg, artichoke, fennel, capers and black olives. YUM.

We have started compiling a list of places we have eaten/had a drink at. Here’s the list so far, we are quite proud of the ground that we have covered!

Ear Bar
The meatball shop
Clinton st bakery
Il buco
Thompson st cafe
Smile cafe
Cafe select
Antique garage
Lovely day
Cafe habana
cafe gitane
The Bubble Bar

and a few in between that have slipped our minds!

Major highlights from that list so far are:

Il Buco- for the dessert of Pana Cotta with 12 yr old balsamic vinegar. heaven!
Meatball shop- for everything ball related.
Bubby’s- for the grapefruit hot toddy (winter only, we managed to score one today because we sweet talked the barman)

To try to counter act all the food I’ve been eating, I’ve been running 4 miles a day.. it’s been so lovely running along the Hudson River at sunrise/sunset, saying hello to lady liberty. Funny how these little routines make it feel like home here.