Outpost: Art From The Streets

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Artwork L-R: Beastman, ROA, Anthony Lister

Beastman's teepee



Vexta's massive and massively awesome piece

Shitaake dumplings and prawn dumplings

After a dumpling snack we settled down at The Island Bar...

Giant soy sauce fish container replica

Outpost: Art From The Streets

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A recent trip to Sydney luckily coincided with the Outpost: Art from the Streets exhibition on Cockatoo Island.

150 local and international artists (including 6 Bookery Cook artists! Vexta, Beastman, Ears, Max Berry, Numskull & Drew Funk) jazzed up the Island and its industrial spaces with an assortment of paintings and installations.

Formerly an island for crafting war ships, Cockatoo Island has been reinvented as a hub for arts and cultural projects.  

And of course, we checked out the food & drinks on offer at the pop-up bars…

With lots of dope art viewing, 1/2 a pizza and 4 beers under my belt, it was time to navigate my way out to the airport!

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust have announced that some of the exhibits will stay on the island throughout summer 2012, so if you are in the area, definitely check it out!! For more info check the websiteFacebookTwitter