PALATE is our new quarterly food and art journal.  For each edition we conjure up 13 new recipes, then select a group of visual artists to choose a recipe and produce an illustration inspired by the dish.

Artworks vary from figurative watercolours to abstract digital collages, providing readers with visual delight, a unique sense of the dishes, and lifting recipes off the pages and into the imagination.

As well as recipes, photos and illustrations, there’s also interviews with the artists, so you can get to know them and their food habits – find out what their signature dish is, the ingredients they always have in their cupboard, what they would eat for their last meal on earth and who they would invite for dinner.

PALATE will appeal to lovers of art as much as lovers of food, and is as much a coffee table collectible as it is a cook book.

We are ready to go to print with the first 2 issues, and would be eternally grateful for your support with our Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing costs! Pledge amounts start at £5 for a digital version and £13 for a hard copy.

You can check out the page and more details here

Palate Journal Taster from Palate Journal on Vimeo.

Edition One
Almond Milk Porridge with Figs, Warmed Honey and Thyme, illustrated by Karolina Burdon // Crab Crepes, illustrated by Atelier Bingo // Crumpets, illustrated by Joe Baker // Sugar-cured Ocean Trout with Beetroot and Pistachio Cream, illustrated by Ines Longevial // Squid Tentacle Burger on Black Buns, by Jay Barnham // Beetroot Soup with Chocolate Bread, illustrated by Thembi Hanify // Rare Beef with Oyster Mayonnaise, by Ellie Foreman-Peck // Marbled Ravioli with Peppered Ricotta, Cherry Tomato and Sage Butter Sauce by Ky Anderson // Seafood Gumbo by Victoria Topping // Shredded Beef Tortillas by Max Berry // Pineapple and Licorice Cupcakes by Stanislas Piechaczek // Chickpea, Chocolate and Rum Cake by Billie Justice Thomson // Smoked Sugar Macarons with Salted Chocolate Ganache by Simona Pastore.

Edition Two
Corn cakes with crispy pancetta, smoky maple butter, fried egg, harissa illustrated by Hyesu // Toast with peperonata and white anchovies illustrated by Gio Pastori // Whole wheat and chia waffles, berries, honeyed ricotta // Fennel seed, semolina & olive oil cookies illustrated by Emiko Isobe // Almond soup with crisp Brussels sprouts and black garlic illustrated by Courtney Knight // Eggplant donburi with Japanese pickles illustrated by Anna Vu (Good Food Crap Drawing) // Pomegranate molasses braised lamb, beets, mixed grain and kale pilaf, whipped labneh illustrated by Paul Windle // Sake and miso butter clams with soba noodles illustrated by Driton // Salad of crispy rice, confit shallots, charred onions // Herb ravioli with duck sauce // Moscato poached peach and polenta cake, sour custard illustrated by Karolina Burdon // Rose ice cream, white chocolate shortbread, sherbet illustrated by Alessandra Genualdo // Dark chocolate and burnt butter tart illustrated by Merjin.