Crab Crêpes, illustrated by Atelier Bingo

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Crab Crêpes, illustrated by Atelier Bingo

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in Pilot issue, Recipes, Breakfast, Seafood, Submit

Fancy food budgets are usually for dinner meals, but why not change it up and spoil yourself with a little breakfast crustacean decadence?

This recipe was inspired by a bounty from fantastic Islington fishmonger, Prawn on the Lawn. We went into buy a whole fish, and came out a couple of rounds of Bloody Marys and oysters later with a whole fish, a punnet of picked crab and some fresh samphire.

Samphire, also known as ‘sea asparagus’ has a unique crisp and slightly salty sea-spray quality. If you can’t get samphire you could substitute broccolini or asparagus.

This would go perfectly with a Belgian-style witbier. The smooth, cloudy and aromatic nature of the beer complements the creamy flavours of the crab and eggs, with the citrus notes and fizz cutting through the richness.

If you’re not up for a breakfast beer, a sencha tea would suit well – the clean, astringency cuts through the richness, and grassiness works well with the crab chilli and salty greens.

Illustrated by Atelier Bingo

Crab Crêpe

  • 100g crab meat (you can either pick the crab meat yourself or purchase crab meat from any good fish monger.
  • 2 fresh red chillis, finely chopped
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • samphire (available from a good green grocer or fish monger)
  • 2 lemons
  • oil for frying
  • salt

In a bow, mix the eggs and milk until combined.

Heat a non-stick pan, make sure its not too hot when putting the eggs in (a pan thats too hot will cause it cause the crepe to burn and the eggs to become watery). Lightly oil the pan and ladle 1 scoop of the crepe batter into the pan. Swill the pan around to ensure the mixture reaches the edges of the pan.

Allow the egg base to cook until there is only a slight wobble of the remaining egg mixture. On one half of the crepe, place crab meat, spinach, a few sprigs of samphire and few pieces of chilli, season the inside with salt. Allow to cook for 10 seconds, the flip the other half of the crepe over the toppings and allow to cook for another 20 seconds.

Top with samphire, a squeeze of lemon juice and serve immediately. We recommend enjoy your crepe with a glass of champagne (if it’s the weekend of course).