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Nettle and Ricotta Gnudi with Apples, Burnt Butter, Sage and Walnut Sauce

25 Oct 14 by

Cooking with weeds. After picking up some nettles at the market recently I spent the weekend cooking them up in some new dishes. Gnudi is a favourite – little ‘nude’ ravioli, as it butter sauce. With a nuttier, richer taste than spinach, nettles really hold their own on a plate. The rich burnt butter sauce adds some creaminess to the light ricotta rounds.

easter menu
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Easter Menu

16 Apr 14 by

So hopefully you have your fish in order for Good Friday, your sacrificial lamb for Sunday, a colourful bowl of foiled egg excitement sitting on your kitchen bench, and several obnoxious looking bunnies stashed away ready to have their ears nibbled early Sunday morning. Maybe there’s even a dark Lindt bunny in the mix too now we’re grown ups.

Pomegranate Pico De Gallo
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Pomegranate Pico De Gallo

21 Aug 13 by

A fresh and tangy festive-looking number to jazz up anything from a scrambled egg breakfast, to these black bean torillas, this pulled-pork bun or pretty much any BBQ feast. It would work nicely with some spiced grilled fish, or you could even add some rice to it for a meal on its own.

tomato chutney
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Spiced Tomato Chutney

18 Aug 13 by

Who doesn’t need another condiment in their life? This sweet and sour spiced number can be eaten in liberal amounts with curry, spruce up eggs or avocado on toast, spread liberally on sandwiches, served with a roast, or plattered up with cheese and crackers.