Goat Curry
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Kaleidoscopic Goat Curry

16 Aug 13 by

Using multi-coloured produce in this dish is the real shower stopper, the purple potatoes, purple cabbage, black and yellow rice, and vibrant greens are enough to rival the rainbow. If goat meat is hard to come by, lamb can be used as a substitute.

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Kangaroo Tortellini with Lemon Myrtle & Raisin Brown Butter Sauce

4 Aug 13 by

I must admit the idea of sitting down to eat a roo steak is not very appealing, so I decided to cook in it in a way that would get even the most sceptical of eaters keen to try it. Who doesn’t love pasta, and who doesn’t love brown butter sauce? The sweetness of the raisins help to soften the gamey flavour of the kangaroo, and the lemon myrtle brings a beautiful earthy, subtly citrus aftertaste to the brown butter.