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Nettle and Ricotta Gnudi with Apples, Burnt Butter, Sage and Walnut Sauce

25 Oct 14 by

Cooking with weeds. After picking up some nettles at the market recently I spent the weekend cooking them up in some new dishes. Gnudi is a favourite – little ‘nude’ ravioli, as it butter sauce. With a nuttier, richer taste than spinach, nettles really hold their own on a plate. The rich burnt butter sauce adds some creaminess to the light ricotta rounds.

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Ricotta, black olive & fresh herb pasta

2 Oct 14 by

This is a super easy mid week dinner and a great way to use up a lot herbs quickly if they are starting to age. Its fresh, light and comforting. It is as delicious cold the next day for pack lunch. You can choose to make your own pasta, or buy some from the store, time depending either is fine.

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Orecchiette with fresh herbs & feta

4 Aug 14 by

Orecchiette (singular, orecchietta), from orecchio (ear) + etto (small)) is a kind of home-made pasta typical of Puglia or Apulia, a region of Southern Italy. Its name comes from its shape, which resembles a small ear. In this recipe we’ve teamed little delight with all of the fresh herbs, some citrus and a sprinkling of feta cheese for the ultimate alfresco dining meal or easy midweek meal.