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Crab & Monks Beard Risotto

8 Feb 15 by

Known in England this country as ‘goat’s beard’ or ‘Johnny go to bed at noon’, these little green shoots are grown in Tuscany, where they’re only in season for only five weeks of the year (so get them while you can!)

Recipes Seafood

Citrus Zest & Nigella Seed Marinated Red Snapper

21 Oct 14 by

There’s not a more comforting dish to me (other than Mum’s minestrone) than fish and white rice. If ever I’m feeling a bit fragile, sick or upset, fish and rice is my go to dish, whether its tinned tuna, salmon or smoked mackerel. This recipe for Citrus Zest & Nigella Seed Marinated Red Snapper is the ultimate in the fish & rice combination. Perfect for a midweek dinner or any time you need a little pick me up.