– Artwork must be supplied as stated in the Artwork Specs, unless otherwise agreed to.

– You grant The Bookery Cook a non-exclusive license to your Artwork, to display your Artwork on The Bookery Cook
website and for associated marketing purposes.

– While we will do our best to publish all artworks submitted, there is no guarantee all artworks will be published on
The Bookery Cook website.

– Your Artwork is an original work, created by you personally for your chosen recipe, not previously published or
made available in any form, and does not infringe the copyright or other rights of any person.

– You will receive a profile on The Bookery Cook website in the ‘Contributing Artist’ Community.

– You will be credited for all your Artwork wherever it is appears on The Bookery Cook website.

– You may use the Artwork created for The Bookery Cook recipe you choose for personal applications (eg. Exhibition,
portfolio, website), but it must appear with the credit ‘[Recipe name] Artwork produced for The Bookery Cook’, with a
link to The Bookery Cook website where possible. You may not use the Artwork created for The Bookery Cook recipe
for other commissions.

– In the case that there is hard-copy artwork, we ask that you hold onto it, as we may require it in the future for
another application (eg. exhibition, publication).