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Autumnal Salad

24 Nov 14 by

My favourite thing about the change of seasons is the diversity in produce. This Autumnal Salad makes the most of beautiful deep colours and flavours we get when the leaves begin to fall and the sun never seems to wake up.

crispy rice salad
Recipes Salads & Vegetables

Crispy Rice Salad

5 Nov 14 by

This salad has everything you want, crunch, char, herbs, raw, cooked and confit. Crispy rice, cema di repe, dill, radish, confit shallots, char onions & green beans make for the perfect vegetarian main or nice accompaniment to fish, chicken or steak.

sumac roast chicken
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Sumac Roast Chicken

25 May 13 by

Sumac roast chicken is a great one to have in your roast chicken repertoire. Easy, quick and a great pairing between the lemony Middle Eastern spice and a juicy, golden roasted chicken.