edamame and asparagus soup

Edamame and Asparagus Soup

8 Mar 15 by

This is a creamy but refreshing soup – nutty with edamame, fresh with asparagus, and made smooth by potatoes rather than cream. The pesto with it is a mizuna pesto, peppery and similar to rocket pesto.

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Autumnal Salad

24 Nov 14 by

My favourite thing about the change of seasons is the diversity in produce. This Autumnal Salad makes the most of beautiful deep colours and flavours we get when the leaves begin to fall and the sun never seems to wake up.

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Ricotta, black olive & fresh herb pasta

2 Oct 14 by

This is a super easy mid week dinner and a great way to use up a lot herbs quickly if they are starting to age. Its fresh, light and comforting. It is as delicious cold the next day for pack lunch. You can choose to make your own pasta, or buy some from the store, time depending either is fine.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup
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Creamy & Tangy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

20 Sep 14 by

On a bit of a #cleaneating tip after the weekend, I cooked up this pumpkin soup made creamy by the addition with tofu rather than cream. It has plenty of personality thanks to the depth of the roasted pumpkin flavour, the kick of chilli and the freshness of coriander and tang of lemon.