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1 Jun 14 by

With Tour de France in full flight, we’re celebrating all things French this week with Bardot as #fridayfoodfox, a Bastille day picnic banquet and a Tasty Tune compilation of sultry 60′s French pop, reverb-drenched freakbeat – Sexy, sweet and strange.. Mangez-moi!

Tasty Tunes

African Riddims

27 Feb 14 by

An assortment of African flavours, these tunes were put together for a recent dinner party on the same tip. The mix features the likes of old & new world music tunes, reggae, jazz & dubs. The dinner featured the likes of beef & beetroot stew, injera, vegetable tagine, pomegranate rice, harissa, chickpea & eggplant dip.

Tasty Tunes

Grind: Kitchen Smooth

27 Nov 13 by

Slow jams for fast moves – smooth hip hop from the likes of Joey Bada$$, Schoolboy Q, Rome Fortune, Earl Sweatshirt and Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, mixed with the sugary synths and ambient bass-heavy sounds of Sango, Le1f, Jo Def and Husky, some D’angelo and Isley Brothers remixes, Tamiko Jones, and a couple of other lil disco tunes for good measure.

Guest Mix: Dinner Mood Mix By Gelivan from Eclectic Soul
Tasty Tunes

Guest Mix: Dinner Mood Mix By Gelivan from Eclectic Soul

21 Apr 13 by

“First I thought I’d make a mix to cook on, something that makes you move and sing. Then I changed my mind for a dinner mood mix so I could make something quite different to what I would play live. Something you can enjoy while chilling with your friends or as a background when having a nice dinner. The DJ is a bit like a cook, the more ingredients you have, the more chance are you’ll make something original. That’s what I love about music”

Tasty Tunes

The Everything Bagel Mix

11 Apr 13 by

Sometimes you aren’t really sure what you feel like eating, and want to eat a little bit of everything. This is where the Everything Bagel comes in. Covered in every delicious grain you could want, and perfect with your favourite filling, from LOX to peanut butter.

Tasty Tunes

GUEST MIX: Toasted Marshmellow Mix By Rebecca Florence

16 Mar 13 by

This mix, inspired by The Bookery Cook’s Toasted Coconut Marshmallow recipe is an adventure into the playful sounds of some of Australia’s emerging electronic producers, from the bouncy beats of Charles Murdoch’s Okay Alright Good, to the soulful sounds of Bees by Alta and the sweetness of Speaker Wrath’s String Theory. Like afternoons spent browsing the milk bar’s lolly section, the sour taste of Rhababarum compliments Kirkis’ Willywonka and to sooth you out of your sugar high the mix ends with a Halogen Moon lullaby.

Tasty Tunes

Market Fresh Yes

15 Jun 12 by

A smooth and upbeat mix to put you in that weekend produce-seeking mood, ready to spot the finest in vege and hottest seasonal bargains. You’ll be singing into a banana in no time.